Fall is just the beginning

I used to think summer was my favourite season. Its long days and nights are always filled with great emotional moments. Summer is the time when we live life to the fullest. We travel, we visit new places, meet new people and capture beautiful moments in our minds. Summer is the time when we rarely think of the past and plan for the future. We just enjoy the moments as they occur and life seems much more simple. So when summer ends we often feel nostalgic for the carefree days that we leave behind.  

I think that's because of how often we hear how great it is to live for the moment. The rhythm of the eventful summer days is the closest most of use get to that. But if  we constantly get new exciting experiences without the time to really understand their meaning, are they worth it at all? 

That's why I came to love the Fall in the recent years. It comes right after the emotional summer experiences to give us the time to sit back, listen to the raindrops falling and hear our own thoughts. It's quiet and peaceful, and that's just what we need to comprehend everything that has happened and let it change it for the better.

Fall is not the end of Summer, it's simply a new beginning.

So it is for our jewellery as well. Meet our newest handmade pieces inspired by the beauty of Fall.













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