Fly above your problems

“When fears are grounded, dreams take flight.”— Anon

A few weeks ago I visited Madrid. Spain has always been a dream destination for me as I’ve felt attracted to everything connected to it. I went on that journey at a time when I had some financial difficulties, relationship issues and overall I wasn’t in my best state of mind. I thought I didn’t want to go, I feared that this would further worsen the problems I was already facing.

A few days before the trip I wasn’t happy as I expected I would be to dive into the Spanish culture I hold so dear. It was quite the opposite. I thought I would rather stay home. If I hadn’t made bookings that I was unable to change later, probably I would have.

Thank God I didn’t have that option!

The minute the plane took off I felt a sudden relief. As if I was free of my worries. As if they stayed right there on the ground.

A few hours without a phone or internet connection can do wonders. It’s a very special time during which you are completely switched off from the world. You have no distractions from your own thoughts.

If you sit back, relax and let your mind be silent for a while, it will eventually bring up all of the things you keep telling yourself you shouldn’t think about. You’ll face all the worries and fears that are the actual roots of your problems.

Our problems are only problems because we see them as such.

Like the issues I thought I was having with my relationship. We were fighting a lot recently. I was constantly seeing everything he could improve in himself and pointing it out. I thought that appreciating out loud all the great things he’s done makes it fine to also judge him all the time about everything else he still has to work on. Which ultimately resulted in me being constantly disappointed and him feeling under appreciated. Sitting there, over 6,000 meters above the ground, being silent and listening to my own thoughts, made me realise that.

When you leave your problems on the ground, you are free to think about solutions in the sky.

So I did. The time alone and the visit to the wonderful city of Madrid allowed me to relax. I realised that most of my issues were just in my head. It's a simple truth we all know, but somehow struggle to understand.

Ever since I came back I’ve started seeing a positive change in myself. I am now much calmer, I appreciate everything good in my life a lot more. I decided that I will spend more time by myself and I would just sit back, relax my mind and contemplate about what's going on in my life. Digging into yourself and shedding light on the dark corners where fears, insecurities and all sorts of other issues take shelter is a hard thing to do. Yet it is necessary if you want to keep moving forward.

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