Forest jewelry from the mountain

Many people believe gemstones have a positive effect on a person’s energy levels. Well, we believe that the same goes for jewellery made from real flowers and plants. More so when they come from places like Vitosha

The legend

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl called Vita. She had a wonderful voice and used to sing standing at the top of the highest hill above her village. While she was singing, a young boy called Lylin was playing the fiddle on another hill close by. Through music, they fell in love. Vita grew up and her parents decided to find her a husband. Many young men came to ask for her hand and she refused as she was secretly hoping to marry Lylin. Vita’s mother didn’t want her to marry him and she got so upset with her daughter that she cursed her and Lylin. Vita turned into black stone on the hill that she used to stand and sing. Today we call that hill Cherni vruh (Black Hill) and it’s the highest peak of Vitosha mountain. 

Vitosha is located in the outskirts of Sofia.  It takes only around 20-30 minutes to reach the popular huts and trails from the city centre either by car or using public transport. There are multiple tourist routes that you can take and spend the entire day on the mountain. Vitosha’s silhouette can be seen from almost every part of the city. My foreign friends have told me that Vitosha is one of the first things they notice when they visit Sofia. They are so amazed by the proximity of the mountain and as they have told me - a bit jealous as well. As I’ve been looking at it my whole life I got so used to having a mountain in the background that at some point I stopped noticing. Until recently when I re-discovered my love for Nature through the jewellery with real dried flowers that me and mom make.

Jewellery creation

To create our pieces we use forest leaves, pine needles and all sorts of different plants. After we collect our findings, we let the flowers and leaves dry out. Once they do we preserve their beauty by making jewellery out of them using epoxy resin (I’ll tell more about our process in the next article).

Crafting our handmade jewellery pieces gave us both a solid reason to spend more time in Nature and restore our connection with the mountain and the forest. Making this jewellery has made me more conscious about preserving the natural beauty we are surrounded by. It feels like now my eyes are wide open to everything beautiful in Nature and I appreciate it on a deeper level. 

I feel gratitude for being able to enjoy this beauty and want to contribute to its preservation. I am hopeful that everyone who appreciates our jewellery will also feel the same. 







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