The start of a journey: Natural handmade jewellery

Nature is an infinite source of creative energy and inspiration. It inspired me and my mom to start our handmade journey and share it with you. 

The ‘handmade’ factor

Fun fact: Did you know that Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe that kept its name to this day? One of the oldest in the world for that matter. We’ve been around for more than 1300 years. In such a long time craftsmanship and art naturally evolved. In Bulgaria, there are established traditions in woodwork, embroidery, icon painting, pottery, carpet making and many other crafts that we have inherited from our ancestors. It’s no wonder that there are so many handmade artists here creating all sorts of crafts these days. I guess it must be in our DNA.

Besides that cultural influence, we are blessed with, we also live in a natural paradise. We have lovely mountains where you can take long refreshing walks, sunny golden beaches, and many naturally formed landscapes. On top of that we see the different aspects of all that beauty throughout spring summer, autumn and winter.

The craftsmanship traditions and the exposure to the beauty that surrounds us are the two major influences that inspired me and mom to start making our handmade jewelry. With Drops of emotions, we wanted to transform our love for Nature into wearable pieces of beauty.
Our story so far 
How we create our handmade jewelry.
In 2016 I won a scholarship for a summer entrepreneurship program in the United States. When I came back I knew I wanted to start my own business. I tried a few things with different people before I realized that the best business partners have been around my whole life. My parents. I knew my mom used to paint when she was younger so I figured we can start there. We started creating jewelry and experimented with different materials and styles. Together we tried a lot of things and it took some time before we started working with dried flowers and natural materials. That’s how we began shaping our style and it is still an ongoing process.

We gather our materials continuously throughout the whole year and up until now, we’ve only made limited pieces to attend local craft fairs and upload some models on Etsy. Last year we decided that it was time to take the next step and start our own online shop. We spent a few months planning the collections, making the pieces and setting up the store. Mom and I wanted to have our own space where we can showcase our jewelry and tell our story. We’re excited to finally see that dream coming true. 

Natural materials, love and a pinch of magic

The process of creating handmade jewelry.We handpick the majority of our materials ourselves. We use flowers, leaves, pine needles, seashells and anything else that we like while we’re out for a walk or spending time at the beach during the summer. Some materials we buy and some come as gifts from friends. A lot of the flowers and the other materials that we use are not perfect. You’ll probably see some imperfections in our handmade jewelry pieces as well. But that’s what makes them real and authentic. We like to appreciate the beauty of Nature with its ‘imperfections’ if they can even be called that. We also like to add a little extra to some of our pieces. Some of them have a pinch of magical dust that absorbs the light and gently glows in the dark. Some can be used as aromatherapy diffusers. Whatever we add we try to keep it subtle so it doesn’t distract from nature’s beauty.

Our first collections 

In the past few months, we worked on our first three handmade jewelry collections.

The “Magic of Nature” collection exposes the beauty of all four seasons. We have seasonal lines and inside each one, we put something that is typical for the season:


The “Colors of emotions’ collection is our simple and elegant jewelry collection that can match almost any style. We decided to use the baby’s breath flower as it is known as the symbol of everlasting love and is often used in wedding decorations.

 Last but not least is our “One-of-a-kind” collection. As we have a lot of flowers and materials sometimes we come across some truly unique ones. Other times our imagination just goes wild and we start combining flowers together to make unique pieces.


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