Daisy necklace with Amethyst

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This drop shaped resin pendant is made from a dried daisy flower and Amethyst gemstone. Amethyst had the same status as the Diamonds not too long ago. Throughout history it has been a symbol of royalty and wealth. It is considered one of the most powerful healing gemstones.

The chain of this necklace is stainless steel and you can choose between 50 cm (19.7") and 60 cm (23.6") for its length. If you wish to have a different length or a different material, leave us a comment with your order and we will contact you to discuss the details.

We use high-quality epoxy resin which is totally safe for you and makes our jewelry last longer. 

Please note: Every piece we create is absolutely unique. We try to make them as identical as we can by using similar materials and colors. Still, please keep in mind that yours might be slight differences from the pictures.